After you’re 60, you are freed from most of the responsibilities of life. The road ahead seems easy, although there can be certain health-related issues you’ll have to live with. At this point of time in life, you just want to be happy. 

Many seniors who’ve crossed the age of 60 are always willing to explore and try something new. They’re not afraid of being seniors and they want to age gracefully. Such people would always be joyful living with a small, close-knit community. They’ll feel healthier and happier living among a few but loving and welcoming neighbors.

In the past few years, small communities living in park model homes have come up at certain places. People living in such communities love the idea of rightsizing into a tiny towable home. These homes can be extremely beneficial for you if you’re a senior. In fact, such homes are ideal for seniors. 

To begin with, they are saved from the hassles of maintaining a big home. Secondly, they’ll never have to go through the trouble of climbing the stairs. These homes are single-storied and facilitate easy movement owing to their compact size.  However, they may need certain modifications done to their tiny homes for their well-being.

Installing a good ADA ramp

One of the obvious challenges for seniors would be pain or inability to balance themselves while climbing stairs. This can be overcome by installing a suitable ADA ramp for their park model home. It would offer some excellent benefits as opposed to the usual front steps. 

The ADA ramps include hand-railings on either side that assist seniors with stability. Such ramps can be designed and built according to their needs. The ADA ramps can also address the future concerns of the seniors.

Easier entry and exit

An entry door frame must be at the same level as the entry floor. This minimizes the possibility of trips and spills. In addition to this, latches or handles must be used on the doors instead of knobs. When compared to knobs, they are always easy on the fingers of seniors. 

Latches and handles allow the opening and closing of doors with the whole hand. They also allow easy locking and unlocking of doors.

Smart lighting

Living in certain places where there is an abundance of natural sunlight is certainly a boon. Despite this, there can be a change in the areas of shade in the home. This happens owing to the movement of the sun and the resulting shadows. 

It can be a challenge at times to brighten up the shaded spots. Making some modifications with a solar tube or skylight can be of great benefit under such conditions. The additions would allow natural sunlight during the day. It also allows great views of the night sky without any unwanted heat.

Secure the rug

Some owners prefer to add some warmth and color to the floor of their tiny home with a rug. A rug can become an obstacle sometimes, making movement difficult for seniors. So, it must be secured with a rubber backing or a rug gripper tape. This prevents it from bending up and causing the seniors to fall.

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